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Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park sits on the shore of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. It’s known for Murchison Falls, where the Victoria Nile River surges through a narrow gap over a massive drop. Park wildlife includes elephants and hippos, and there are chimpanzees in the Kaniyo Pabidi mahogany forest.

Murchison Falls National Park  is a national park in Uganda, the pearl of Africa. One of the Most Savannah destinations that is most visited in East Africa. A destination that must feature on every travellers list. The Park sits in the Northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into dotted Savannah Vegetation. The Park straddles its inland from the shores of Lake Albert, around the magnificent flow of Victoria Nile, up to the Karuma falls

Getting there

Murchison Falls National Park is a voluminous Savannah destination that covers four of the prominent districts that is; Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi.  A number of routes can be used to reach the Nile at Paraa, which is the heart of the Park.  The driving distance from the nearest town Masindi, to the Kibanda area is about 72 kilometres. This area is about 283 kilometres, by road, north-west of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.  At the Nile, there is a Vehicle ferry that will help you cross the river Nile to the Park side, the ferry Operates in hourly intervals throughout the day.


The park straddles the Ugandan districts of Buliisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi.[2] The driving distance from Masindi, the nearest large town, to the Kibanda area of the national park is about 72 kilometres (45 mi).[4] This area is about 283 kilometres (176 mi), by road, north-west of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.[5] The coordinates of the park near the Kibanda area are 02°11’15.0″N, 31°46’53.0″E (Latitude:2.187499; Longitude:31.781400)

The list of things you can do here is fairly long since the activities range and cover all categories from land, to the air and then on the water. Here is a list of a few things you can opt to do when at the Murchison Falls National Park;

Game Drives in Murchison falls National Park

Lasting about 3 to 4 hours these drives which take you to experience the beauty of the wild can be done as early as sunrise or even as late as sunset. This is one of the only parks where nocturnal game drives too can be done. On these drives, you get to watch preys and predators as they scavenge. Among these are the Lions, Rothschild Giraffes, Warthogs, Serval cats and elephants. However, you might find it hard to capture images of these animals especially when on the night drives.

Boat Rides and Cruise in Murchison falls National Park

These rides are out of this world especially when you start to notice the amazing things around you; like the hippos bouncy on the waters, the birds and many other animals. When on these rides, also get the opportunity to visit the falls where you can get off from the bottom then hike all the way to the top. Another one of these boat rides is that to the Nile Delta where Lake Albert combines with the River Nile.

The Hot Air Balloon Safari in Murchison falls National Park

This is one of the recently introduced activities in the park. The Murchison Falls National Park is the second park after the Queen Elizabeth National Park that has the balloon experience in Uganda. You can get to see all the kinds of wildlife from over the tree tops and then later watch as the sun sets. You can also opt to have this balloon experience early in the morning and watch as the sun rises. Later enjoy the Bush breakfast that will never leave you the same.

There are quite a number of things you can do while at the Murchison Falls National Park that cannot be exhausted but here are some other things you might pick interest in; Hiking, Birding, Nature Walks, Scenic Drives, Visiting the Fishing Village and the Kibiro Salt Gardens, Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo, Visit to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Visit to the Boomu Cultural Village.

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